School of Law and Governance

Welcome to the School of Law and Governance

The University of San Carlos, as an institution of higher education, has for its prime object the development of the higher faculties of man and the realization of his Christian destiny. Every field of human endeavor, particularly those directly involving human judgment and actuations, is relevant to the function and purpose of a Christian university. The study of law is no doubt one such human endeavor, for the practice of law is in fact as sensitive and critical arena of human experience, where its basic ideal is to render public service and secure justice for all.

Since its establishment in 1937, the College of Law has educated men and women from all over the country upon such basic ideal. Throughout the legal profession, graduates of the College occupy positions of leadership. Throughout the Philippines, Carolinian lawyers serve as members of the judiciary, hold elective and appointive offices in government, and occupy important positions in law firms, corporations, and financial institutions.

True to the University's tradition of academic excellence, the College of Law has always ranked among the top ten out of more than 70 law schools in the country.


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