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The University of San Carlos offers academic programs in all levels of instruction. The South and North campuses now cater to coed students in the pre-elementary and basic education (grade school and secondary) levels. 

Undergraduate and graduate students can choose from a wide range of courses offered by different departments under the seven schools/colleges of the University. Except for the Department of Teacher Education, which is located at the South Campus, all other departments offering undergraduate and graduate programs are found at the Main Campus and the Talamban Campus.

Academics Programs:


1. Student Ambassadors for USC Guests
2. Student Writers for USC Website
3. Student Photographers for USC Website

For particulars, please visit the Office of External Affairs at Downtown Campus during office hours.

Qualifications: (for Student Ambassadors)

1. Male or female/ Non-graduating student
2. Good communication skills
3. Pleasant Personality

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