Office of Community Extension Services

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Welcome Message from the Director

Dear Friends,

Greetings of peace and goodwill!

The University of San Carlos, owned and administered by the Society of the Divine Word, is one of the leading Catholic higher education institutions in southern Philippines. Amidst the current Philippine educational reform agenda today, USC continues to challenge itself in performing its three-fold functions by making relevant curricular programs, context-based researches, and meaningful extension programs. Among these functions, the Community Extension Service (CES) takes a major role in concretizing the characteristic dimensions and four-fold prophetic dialogue of life in the SVD spirituality, particularly that of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC-IDC).

The need to render meaningful community extension programs and activities led to the rationalization of the Community Extension Services office and the National Service Training Program, which are both under the same office and directorship for the past decade. The two offices are living by their reasons for being of collaborating with the world beyond its portal… touching lives and transforming communities.

As the University continues to meet the challenges of this generation coupled with the continued call for educational reform as well as a sustained effort for a better life, USC CES intends to make its existence significant for the lives of others and its own people – inspired by Scientia, Virtus et Devotio as we live each day as witnesses to the Word.

Sincerely yours,


Fr. Eleno P. Bucia, SVD
CES/NSTP Director

Overview of the CES/NSTP Office

Community Extension Service Office

The CES office is the University’s extension arm that is mainly responsible in facilitating, coordinating, networking, organizing, and in preparing the partner communities, institutions, and organizations for the services that the University offers based on its mission and expertise. The various units of the University are enjoined to develop programs and projects that are meaningful both for the partner communities and the University. This is done by maximizing student learning and engaging communities through critical collaboration. The concerted effort of the entire academic community  hopes to bring about significant and transformative service to the most vulnerable sectors of the society.

National Service Training Program Office

Recognizing the valuable role of the youth in nation-building, the Republic of the Philippines officially enacted into law the National Service Training Program, or RA 9163 of 2001. The law intends to enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness among the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism. Driven by this obligation, the University of San Carlos started the National Service Training Program with the CES office. The office then facilitated the training of faculty advisers on the modules prescribed by the Commission on Higher Education as well as through a regular exposure of trainees to deprived, depressed, and underprivileged localities.

Mandate of the Office

Vision Statement
The USC CES envisions a society transformed by the Word of God and the Eucharist through the catalytic role of the university’s instruction, research, and extension programs.

Mission Statement
As a Catholic institution guided by the SVD mission of Prophetic Dialogue, USC CES aims to share the University’s expertise and academic resources to foster a sense of social awareness and responsibility in the light of Trinitarian spirituality, to promote integral human development, to work in solidarity with the poor and the oppressed  in improving their quality of life and promote social justice, and to bring about the sustainable utilization of the environment. 
All these it pursues with the view of molding our students to become professionals committed to promote a brand of Carolinian education wherever they would be.

The USC CES aims at achieving the holistic human development of its partner communities and institutions while enhancing the social responsibility of its students, faculty, and staff guided by the ideals ofScientia, Virtus et Devotio as witnesses to the Word.


  1. Responsibility and accountability to society to instil corporate social responsibility in business, government, media, education, and other sectors
  2. Enhancement of the Quality of Environment. to develop self-reliance, skills and competence and a culture of excellence.
  3. Conservation of the Environment to make people aware of the negative impact of habitat destruction and to raise the level of awareness on our role as stewards of creation.
  4. Advocacy in support of relevant Issues to raise people’s level of awareness on relevant societal concerns.

Services Offered

USC South Campus

Expertise Partner communities/institutions/organizations
Literacy and Numeracy Tutorial Quijano Compound, Sitio Porras, Sambag 2
BEC Sawang Calero Elementary School

USC North Campus

Expertise Partner communities/institutions/organizations
Social Awareness Program Lusaran Elementary School, Cebu City
Literacy and Numeracy Tutorial Lusaran High School, Cebu City
Feeding Program Zapatera Elementary School, Cebu City
Medical/Dental Mission with PTA Manggabon Elementary School PAMATI saKinaiyahan (Farmers’ Organization)
Zero Waste Management Visayas Mindanao People’s Resource Development Center
Mangrove Planting PAMASOL
St. Arnold Janssen Parishioners
Asilo Orphanage
Lusaran Elementary School, Cebu City
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