Human Resource Management Office

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The University depends on its faculty and staff to be able to provide the best services to its clients, the students. The Human Resource Management Office, located at the Main Campus, is tasked to look after the welfare and improve the productivity of USC employees and instructors. It conducts regular training, workshops, and seminars to enhance the skills, knowledge, and well being of the people that make the University system work.

The HRMO is headed by a Director who reports to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs for matters involving the academic staff, and to the Vice-President for Administration for those concerning the administrative employees. 

The office handles activities that pertain to human resource planning, recruitment, selection, evaluation, promotion and development

Philosophy and Working Principle

I. Philosophy and Working Principle

As a Flagship School and Premier Educational Institution in the Visayas and Mindanao, the University of San Carlos is committed to deliver at all times, excellent Instruction, Research and Extension Services. The University believes that its Human Resources (HR) are key to achieving this excellence as they represent one of the University's largest investments. As such, Human Resource Management must include effective and sustained Human Resource Planning, Development and an Information System that will lead to improved and increased quality of work life, productivity, HR satisfaction, HR development, readiness and willingness to change.

II. Logic of the Business

The HRMO exists to provide the support required by all academic and administrative managers of the University in human resource matters through three types of assistance: specific services, advice, and coordination.

Reports directly to the University President
Coordinates with the following offices:
  • Vice President for Administration
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Council of Chairs
  • Council of Deans
  • Guidance Services
  • Security and Safety Services
  • Health Services
  • University Legal Office
1. Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection
Focus: Determining the organization's major human resource needs and matching people and their career needs and capabilities with jobs and career paths.

Specific Activities:
  • Conducting job analyses to establish the specific requirements of individual jobs within the university
  • Forecasting the human resource requirements the university needs to achieve its objectives
  • Developing and implementing a plan to meet these requirements
  • Recruiting the human resources the university requires to achieve its objectives
  • Selecting and hiring human resources to fill specific jobs within the organization
2. Human Resource Development
Focus: Assuring healthy inter-and intra-unit relationships and helping groups initiate and manage change. This also includes identifying, assessing and through planned learning- helping develop the key competencies (KSA) that enable individuals to perform current or future jobs. The Instructional Development Unit (IDU) shall be the training arm of the HRMO that shall specifically attend to the needs of the faculty.

Specific Activities:
  • Orienting and training employees
  • Designing; implementing and monitoring the human resource management (scholarship/ deloading grants) and organizational development program
  • Building effective teams within the university structure
  • Designing systems for appraising the performance of individual employees
  • Assisting employees in developing career plans
  • Assessing the value/merit of requests for scholarships and continuing education opportunities college/department/individual
  • Acts in the capacity of IDU Coordinator: plans, designs, organizes, implements and evaluates continuing education programs designed for faculty with reference to the Colleges' Faculty Developmental Plans
3. Compensation and Benefits
Focus: Assuring compensation and benefits fairness and consistency.

Specific Activities:
  • Designing and implementing compensation and benefit systems for all employees
  • Ensuring that compensation and benefits are fair and consistent
4. Employee and Labor Relations
Focus: Assuring healthy employee-employer relationship thru Labor Management Councils (College Faculty Association, Boys Campus, Girls Campus, Administrative Employees)

Specific Activities:
  • Serving as an intermediary between the university and any organized employer force
  • Designing discipline and grievance handling systems
5. Safety and Health
Focus: to get the employees to think "safety".

Specific Activities:
  • Assessing health situations that may affect job programs;
  • removing health hazards and initiating programs (environmental scanning) ;
  • Initiating programs that improve health
5. Human Resource Research/ Human Resource Information System
Focus: Assuring an accurate and updated personnel information base

Specific Activities:
  • Providing a human resource information base required for effective decision making by managers
  • Designing and implementing employee communication systems
Calendar of Activities

April - June Recruitment and Processing of Applications for Academic Positions for the First Semester
Recruitment, Evaluation and Processing of Applications for the Working Scholarship Program
July – September Orientation Program for New Recruits
Performance Evaluation for Non-Tenured; Non-Permanent Faculty
October - November Mid-Year Planning Conference for Academic and Administrative Heads
Recruitment and Processing of Applications for Academic Positions for the Second Semester
Recruitment, Evaluation and Processing of Applications for the Working Scholarship Program
November – March In-service Programs for Academic Support Staff
February – March Performance Evaluation for Permanent and Tenured Faculty, Academic and Administrative Heads, Academic Support Staff
Year-end Planning and Evaluation Throughout the Year/ As the need arises: Recruitment and Processing of applicants for vacant positions for Substitutes and Academic Support Staff
Investigation of Administrative Disciplinary & Grievance Cases
Employee Counseling and Advicing
Major Tasks
  • Organizational Development
  • Training and Development
  • Personnel Management

Ma. Teosania D. Natu-el
Head, HRMO 

Contact Information

Phone : (+63 32) 253-1000 local numbers 173, 305 & 297
E-mail :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax : (63 32) 253-1000 local number 305


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