Information Resource Management

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The Information Resource Management - Administrative Computing Services (IRM-ACS) designs, develops, enhances and maintains a number of Corporate or University Information Systems used in the processing of academic and financial records of the students. This includes the admission of the students, enrolment, assessment of fees, grades, reports and other student related data. Consequently, the office, in coordination with IRM-TNS/HDS and the functional owners of the different university information systems, is involved in maintaining the integrity, reliability and availability of data as encoded by the users, as well as the accessibility of web related services that concerns the students and extends up to the faculty, staff and the university in general. 

Vision Statement
A leader in the delivery of efficient, well-integrated, accessible, high-quality, relevant, Information, and Communication Technology services in support of the core functions of the University.

Mission Statement
The Information Resource Management (IRM) Unit is committed to provide comprehensive Information, Communication and Technology Services to the University Administration, Faculty, Students and Service Support Staff in the pursuit of Academic Excellence. Through highly-trained, responsive staff using appropriate technology and a well-defined system of processes and procedures, we aim to establish relationships with our clients in an honest, truthful and transparent way.

List of Information Systems Developed and Maintained
  • LIBIS (Library Information Systems)
  • ARIS (Academic Register Information System)
  • HRFIS (Human Resource and Financial Information System)
  • Assessment/Tellering soon to be amended to IM (Integration Manager for ARIS-FIS)
  • SMS System (Short Message Service) – Student inquiry of records through SMS
  • Website
  • Email System
  • Virtual Museum
  • i-Card System
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