Rank and Tenure Office

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Welcome to the Rank and Tenure Office!

This office is responsible for facilitating the application for status change and promotion of the teaching staff of the university. Application documents are reviewed objectively based on an approved ranking scheme.

The office, located at the HRMO Office, Law and Business School Building, is manned by the Secretary of the Rank and Tenure Council, who is assisted by an office clerk. All applications for promotion are kept in file in this office.

One may call (+63 32) 253 1000 local 223 for inquiries 

Academic Ranking and Promotion

Ranking is the process by which the academic and professional qualifications and achievements of a faculty member are evaluated for the purpose of determining his/her initial faculty position and his/her subsequent promotion.

The evaluation and assigning of rank of faculty members are administered by the Rank and Tenure Council composed of a Chair appointed by the President, and six members recommended by the Chair and endorsed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs to the University President, which includes a Secretary. The Rank and Tenure Committee of each college constituted by the Dean, the Department Chair and two to three senior faculty makes the preliminary review of application documents and credentials for endorsement to the Rank and Tenure Council.

Ranking System

Qualifications for a given faculty rank are established on the basis of the minimum required academic and professional qualifications and achievement. To qualify for a given rank, a faculty must acquire the minimum requirements for that rank which are accredited only once according to the following criteria:

  • Educational attainment (related to the field taught)
  • Teaching Experience
  • Teaching Performance (based on periodic ratings by the Chair of the Departments and/or Dean of the College, the teacher’s peers, the students, and the teacher himself/herself)

  • Participation in competent research as indicated by activities such as but not limited to the following:
    1. Production of textbooks/handbooks or manuals
    2. Unpublished studies but excluding thesis/dissertation
    3. Contract or commissioned researches as primary or co- investigator
    4. Presentation of scientific papers in societies or associations in either poster or oral presentations
    5. Professional articles in scholarly journal
    6. Published books/monographs
  • Participation in Academic Extension Services such as but not limited to the following:
    1. Outreach Program
    2. Advisorship and Consultancy
    3. Resource Speaker in seminars and other for a Public Service
    4. Community Organizing
    5. Officership in Professional/Academic Organizations
    6. Academic/Administrative Committee Involvement

  • Professional Growth and Achievements such as but not limited to the following:
    1. Passing of Civil Service Examination
    2. Passing of Board/Bar Licensure Examination
    3. Professional Exhibit
    4. Attendance in Seminars, Seminar-Workshops/Conventions
    5. Continuing Graduate Studies
    6. Required Attendance in the IDU Faculty Development
There are six ranks in the system. The first rank is normally given to those who are first-time teachers while the other ranks have levels to allow one to move within a rank before acquiring the next rank. The following are the ranks included in the system, from the lowest to the highest:
  1. Assistant Instructor
  2. Associate Instructor
  3. Full Instructor
  4. Assistant Professor
  5. Associate Professor
  6. Full Professor
The College of Law and the Basic Education Departments are adopting certain deviations from the above system. These deviations are due to considerations peculiar to them.

Job Description of the Rank and Tenure Council

Title  : Rank and Tenure Council (RTC)
Office  : Rank and Tenure

Organizational Relationship
Reports to  : Vice President for Academic Affairs through the Chair of the RTC 
Supervises  : Council Secretary, Clerk-Typist 

Coordinates with  : Deans of Colleges, Department Chairs, and Principals of the Basic Education Departments
Job Summary  :

The Rank and Tenure Council is attached to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs whose task is to process the applications for the ranking/re-ranking of faculty, review requirements for permanency and tenure and recommend change of status of faculty to the President.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Reviews proposals for updating of the ranking system and makes the necessary endorsement to the Board of Trustees through channels
  2. Recommends and implements policies pertaining to faculty status, rank and promotion
  3. Evaluates the academic/professional qualifications and credentials of faculty for purposes of ranking, promotion, and permanency/tenureship
  4. Recommends, together with the Dean and the Chair, the appointment, ranking and promotion of the faculty based on specified criteria
  5. Requires the faculty through their respective Chairs and Deans to regularly update their records
  6. Holds regular meetings for the processing of applications received in the Office
Other Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Prepares faculty profile
  2. Reminds Deans, Chairs, Principals regarding deadline for submission of recommendation concerning ranking, permanency and tenure
  3. Supplies needed information/data that ,may be requested by the University or by agencies outside the University
  4. Attends faculty meeting by college/department upon request
  5. Provides data on teaching record of faculty upon request of the Office of the Registrar and HRMO for the Certificate of Employment
  6. Works closely with the University Registrar with regards to documentation and with the payroll clerk for salary adjustment
Composition of the Rank and Tenure Council
For School Year 2009-2010
Position Name
Officer-In-Charge Antonio Batomalaque, EdD
Secretary Maria Teosania Natu-el, AB
Member Carmelita Datan, MA Ed
Member Rosana Ferolin, M Eng
Member Fr. Eleno Bucia, SVD, MA
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