Office of the University Registrar

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Mandate of the Unit

The Office of the University Registrar coordinates and controls activities involving students’ enrolment and registration, transfer, and graduation. The office is primarily responsible for the updating and safekeeping of student and faculty records, as well as other vital documents and records of the University, and for the maintenance of such records in strict confidentiality. The Office is also primarily responsible for the enforcement of the regulations of CHED regarding admission and transfer, accreditation of courses and units, curricular load, sequence of courses, etc. Inquiries concerning admission, curricular offerings and similar information are routinely referred to and handled by the Office of the University Registrar.

Services Offered

In order to carry out its mandated functions effectively, the Office of the University Registrar is made up of three sections: the Records Section, the Academic Credit Evaluation Section, and the Systems Support Staff Section.

Records Section

The Records Section issues transfer credentials, transcript of records, certifications of academic documents needed for employment, travel abroad, scholarship grants, board/bar examinations, and handles verification of the academic status of students and graduates.

Academic Credit Evaluation Section

The Academic Credit Evaluation Section evaluates the academic performance of students to determine year level and credits earned for the purpose of graduation.

This section sees to it that the regulations of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as well as University policies regarding sequence of courses, course content, load per term, residence requirements, cross-enrollment, and the like are enforced and properly complied with.

This section schedules the evaluation of student records and application for graduation every term. Such schedules are disseminated and posted on the bulletin boards in all USC campuses. Students are advised to apply for the evaluation of their academic records at least one-semester/term before their graduation. This section also provides a notarized list of graduates to CHED every semester/term.

Systems Support Staff Section

This section handles tasks concerning enrollment, structured data collection, storage, retrieval, and management of records. This section prints grades for students, parents, college deans, and records section. It handles approved request for correction of grades, withdrawal of courses or enrollment, encoding new/revised curriculum in the system. It also checks the faculty load report each term.


This section enforces the administrative and academic policies and procedures in the use and implementation of systems. It also recommends improvements on the systems functionality to make its services more client-friendly.

Finally, the Office of the University Registrar coordinates with the College Deans, the Department Chairs, and the other administrative officers of the University with regard to academic activities of students, revisions of curricular programs, offering of new courses, and similar tasks. Students who wish to verify their academic records are encouraged to see the University Registrar for guidance and advice.



The personal and academic records of students are CONFIDENTIAL. As such, their disclosure is governed by stringent policies:

  1. A student is entitled to a transcript of record, but not to other confidential records in his file.
  1. A student has the right to see a copy of his academic records and is entitled to an explanation of any information recorded on it.
  1. The student’s file cannot be taken out of the Registrar’s Office unless specifically authorized by the University Registrar, depending on the purpose for which it is needed.
  1. School officials and faculty members of the University may be permitted to look at the academic records of any student if needed in the evaluation of his/her academic standing.
  1. Requests from the court for the reproduction of a student’s records are usually coursed through a duly issued subpoenaduces tecum, but the student must be notified of the subpoena if he is available or if he can be reached through any medium of communication.
  1. Records or grades can be released to parents or guardians without prior approval of the student concerned if he is still a minor or has not yet emancipated from parental authority.
  1. Request for verification of student’s records from a company or firm to whom a student has applied for employment or where he is employed should be honored, if they are of vital importance to his employment or promotion.
  1. The same consideration should be accorded to requests from research or philanthropic organizations or government agencies supporting the student concerned.
  1. Transcripts of academic records generally should only contain information about academic status.
  1. All requests regarding disclosure of the student’s academic record should be made in writing and entered in the student’s file.
  1. Requests for student’s records made through his representative should be supported by a letter of authorization signed duly by the student and a photocopy of the student’s and his representative’s any valid identification card or its equivalent.

Source:  Ulpiano “Ulan” P. Sarmiento III, Education Law and the Private Schools: A Practical Guide for Educational Leaders and Policy Makers, pp. 261-262

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