Office of the Vice President for Finance

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The Vice President for Finance (VPF) is the chief financial officer of the University. He exercises jurisdiction over the Comptroller, Treasurer, and Head of the Budget and Purchasing Department.


Fr. Generoso Ricardo B. Rebayla, Jr., SVD, MM

Vice President for Finance

Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for the management of the financial resources of the University. It aims primarily to support the University in the realization of its Mission.

To provide support in the realization of the University Mission, the Finance Division seeks to:
  • develop an effective financial management and control system that would improve operational efficiency;
  • ensure the proper allocation of available financial resources consistent with the operational and developmental needs of the university;
  • assure an effective procurement system for goods and services required by the different units of the University;
  • maintain an accounting system that would generate accurate and timely financial information for decision-making;
  • ascertain the availability of funds for the operational and developmental needs of the University through efficient cash management; and
  • maintain an efficient and effective academic information system responsive to the educational needs of the clientele and directly supportive of administrative decision- making.

Structure: The Vice President for Finance (VPF) administers all the business and financial affairs of the University. As chief financial officer of the university, the VPF plans, organizes and coordinates the business and financial activities of the University consistent with the mission of the institution and the support needed by the academic and administrative divisions. He has direct supervision over the Treasurer, the Comptroller, the Head of the Budget and Purchasing Department. He is appointed by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the President for a term of three (3) years and may be re-appointed.

The Finance Division is based at the ground floor of the Administration Building of the main campus and has satellite offices in other three campuses of the University.


1968 Bro. Willibrod van der Peet, SVD was appointed as Treasurer
Business Manager of the University of San Carlos.
1970 Fr. Joseph Jaschik, SVD was appointed as Secretary of Finance taking the place vacated by Bro. Willibrod.
1970 Fr. Geronimo Galvan, SVD replace Fr. Jaschik as Treasurer of the University.
1971 Fr. Robert Schmitz, SVD was appointed as Treasurer to take over the position vacated by Fr. Galvan.
1978 Fr. Cecilio P. Jayme, SVD was appointed to Vice President for Finance, Fr. Schmitz left for Rome, as Treasurer of the Generalate.
1980 Computerization of Student Subsidiary Ledger of the Tertiary Level.
Computerization batch processing of General Ledger using MAPICS.
1981 BIR approved the submission of computer generated Books of Accounts.
First computer generated SSS Quarterly Report was submitted to SSS during the third quarter of the year.
Computerization of student assessment of fees
1982 Fr. Arthur Z. Villanueva, SVD was appointed as Vice President for Finance in June 1982
Computerization of Payroll processing in September of 1982
Reorganization of the Accounting Office creating new departments, namely; Cash Department and Internal Audit Department doing pre-audit functions, all under the Finance Division. The Electronic Data Processing Department was also transferred from the President’s Office to the Finance Division.
1983 Tellering function of the Cash Department was computerized using Automated Tellering System.
1998 Implementation of an integrated accounting system using JDE One World software funded by NUFFIC under the Financial Information System Project (FIS).
1999 Fr. Generoso Rebayla, Jr., SVD was appointed as Vice President for Finance, July, 1982. Fr. Villanueva, SVD, was assigned as Provincial Treasurer, SVD Central Province.
2002 Evaluation of the Financial Information System (FIS) of the by Executive Edge.
2003 Reorganization of the Finance Division, creating the Budget and Purchasing Department, Internal Audit Department was tasked to do post-audit functions, Accounting Department doing the controllership, now called Comptroller’s Department, and the Cash Department called the Treasury.
2005 Fr. Vicente L. Uy, SVD was appointed as Vice President for Finance taking the place vacated by Fr. Rebayla, SVD who was assigned as Provincial Treasurer, SVD Southern Province.
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