What ISMIS is all about

On the occasion of the formal opening of the University’s new central library located at Talamban Campus – the Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center – during the recent 2012 USC Foundation Week and Intramurals celebration, USC also officially launched its Integrated School Management Information System , or ISMIS, on Friday, 24 August 2012. 

The Integrated School Management Information System, or ISMIS, is a computer-based system that makes information available to students, parents, faculty members, researchers and administrators of the University over the Internet. The system provides an online portal that supports majority of the academic, financial and administrative processes of the University.

For academic-related transactions, the system supports online enrollment, inquiry of subject schedules, grade history, printing of student records, submission of grades and faculty evaluation, among other things. Finance-related transactions such as online inquiry of dues, payment history, student ledger and bank payments are also supported by the system. Furthermore, the existing processes of the Office of Finance are closely embedded in the system.

For administrative employees, the system supports the attendance monitoring through the biometric system and online application of leaves for payroll processing.  For administrators, faculty members and researchers, the system provides a vast amount of information such as enrollment population, number of graduates, student performance, passing rate/failing rate, faculty performance and number of scholars as well as types of scholarships, which will aid them in their decision-making. Indeed, it is an integrated information system in the truest sense of the name.

The system may be accessed through the “ISMIS PORTAL” link in the University website. The users need to input the username and password given to them by the Information Resource Management - Academic Computing Services (IRM-ACS) Office.

A new USC alumni online portal was launched on the same occasion too.



Source: Engr. Rosanna Ferolin
24 August 2012

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