New TC street names proposed

     “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter, only what things are.

     Administration recently embarked on a novel project – naming the increasing number of streets at Talamban Campus after former SVD Superiors General and other deceased SVDs previously assigned in USC.. In 2005 Administration started its naming project by naming major buildings and facilities in the University’s four campuses after pioneer SVD priests who were assigned in San Carlos in the early years. (See list below.) The SVD assumed ownership and administration of USC in 1935.

     A street name or odonym is an identifying name given to a street. Some streets are named after numbers, countries, saints, lanscapes, trees, plants or flowers. Others are named after historical landmarks, destinations, world figures or heroes, themes, or distinguished individuals in the locality. Naming a street to perpetuate the memory of an eminent person is common in many countries, including the Philippines. This is to honor a person’s legacy or good work in the country, institution or community.

    Streets may be divided into various types, each with its own general style of construction and purpose. But the difference between streets, roads, avenues and boulevards is often blurred and is not a good indicator of the sign or design or content of the area being named.

     In USC proposed street names in TC will have a historical significance; the names will contribute to the positive development of school pride by honoring former SVD Superiors General as well as other SVD administrators and academics who contributed to the well-being and growth of USC over the years. The SVD Superior General is the highest superior in the SVD worldwide. He is based in Rome, Italy. The SVD is working in at least 65 different countries; total membership in the congregation is approximately 6,000-strong. The SVD arrived in the Philippines in 1909.

     Former SVD Superiors General (now deceased) to be honored with TC streets named after them are:  Fr. Nicolaus Blum (1909-1919), Fr. Gulielmus Gier (1920-1932), Fr. Josef Grendel (1932-1947), Fr. Aloisius Grosse-Kappenberg (1947-1957), Fr. John Schutte (1958-1967) and Fr. Henry Heekeren (1977-1988). Two former SVD Superiors General are still alive. They are Fr. Henry Barlage (1988-2000) and Fr. Antonio Pernia (2000-2012).

     Formerly assigned to USC (now deceased) who will also be honored with street names in TC are: Fr. Leonardo Estioko, Fr. Gregorio Fabia, Fr. Herman Mueller, Fr. Henry Schumacher, Fr. John Vogelgesang and Fr. Ian Raats.

     Individual street inauguration may be held during the death anniversary or feast day of the aforementioned SVDs. For comments and suggestions, including inquiries regarding naming rights, please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Source: Office of External Affairs
              17 April 2013

Names of USC Buildings and Major Facilities

Downtown Campus:

  • Archbishop Gabriel Reyes Building
  • Old Science Building: Joseph Watzlawik Building
  • Administration Building: Arthur Dingman Building
  • Main Gymnasium: Anselmo Bustos Sports Complex
  • Main Campus AVR1 and 2: Theodore Buttenbruch Hall
  • San Carlos Mission Office: Ludwig Lehmeier Building
  • Law and Graduate Business: Ernest Hoerdemann Building
  • Downtown Campus Cafeteria: Raymond Kolk’s Nook
  • Students Lounge: Bernard Wrocklage Yard
  • SBE Library: Bernard Bonk Library
  • Law and Graduate Business Theatre: Albert van Gansewinkel Hall

Talamban Campus:

  • Engineering Building: Lawrence Bunzel Building
  • AS Building: Philip van Engelen Building
  • Arnoldus Science Complex
  •             Physics wing – Francis Oster Wing
  •             Chemistry wing – Edgar Oehler Wing
  •             Biology wing – Enrique Schoenig Wing
  • Michael Richartz Center
  • Health Care Professions Building: Robert Hoeppener Building
  • Central Library: Joseph Baumgartner Learning Resource Center

South Campus:

  • Education Wing: Anthony Buchcik Building
  • V. Rama Wing: Stephen Szmutko Wing
  • J. Alcantara Wing: Teopista Suico Wing
  • Cultural Center Wing: Joseph Jaschik Wing
  • Middle Wing: Jorge Krieger Wing
  • Cultural Center: Rudolf Rahmann Cultural Center

North Campus:

  • Grade School Building: Isidoro Kemerer Building
  • Kindergarten Building: Vicente Quibilan Building
  • High School Building: Herman Kondring Building
  • Middle Wing: Gregorio Pizarro Building
  • Don Sergio Osmeña Gymnasium
  • Library/ Auditorium: Edward Norton Hall
  • New Classroom Building: Romeo Bancale Building

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