Dr. Taboada, BioPERC team file new patent application

     USC made another milestone in the field of intellectual property protection by filing PCT application for two process inventions submitted by Dr. Evelyn Taboada and her BioPERC team. Dr. Taboaba teaches at the Department of Chemical Engineering.

     The two inventions have pending patent applications that convert mango wastes into high value products. PCT, which stands for Patent Cooperation Treaty, extends protection to a technology in countries where the patent owner plans to commercialize its invention. This is simply done by filing the application through the national IP office, i.e., the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPhl). PCT signatory countries it plans to protect the patent will then be selected after 20 months from filing date.

     With PCT USC, being the patent assignee/owner, can use or market these technologies and products without fear of competition in as much as PCT extends the exclusive rights (monopoly) to the assignee in the designated countries. It may also opt to license out the use of this technology with business partners who plan to operate in these countries. PCT application brings in more economic benefits to the University, the inventor, the business partner and the country.

Source: Dr. Danilo Largo
               ITSO Manager
              24 April 2013
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