Brief Description

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The Office of Student Affairs serves as the official communication link with other authorities in the university, the student body and the general public on matters concerning student welfare and development, student activities and student discipline. It also acts as the extension of the administration on matters related to the implementation of University regulations concerning appropriate student behavior. The office is divided into three sections: Student Activities, Women Affairs and Student Discipline.

The office also provides training programs for students to provide a pool of student leaders who are actively involved in their own development and that of others. It recognizes student organizations as opportunities for developing students’ talents and potentials according to their individual interests. They serve as channels for wholesome recreation, social involvement, leadership formation and apostolate.

Calendar of Activities
Student Activities Office
Downtown Campus
June 12 Orientation of Student Organization Officers
July 9 - 14 S.O. Revive
July 12 S.O. Meeting
Re: USC Foundation Week
September 24 – 29 S.O. Days
October 12 Deadline for Submission of S.O. Semestral Report
October 22 -24 Catholic Carolinian – Leadership 
Development Seminar XII (CC-LEADS XII)
Novermber 12 S.O. Meeting
Re: Student Leaders Congress
November 26 - 30 Student Leaders Congress
December Pasko sa P. del Rosario
February 12 Deadline for Submission of S.O. Semestral Report
April 7- 9 Catholic Carolinian – Leadership Development Seminar XIII (CC-LEADS XIII)
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