Office of Scholarships, Alumni, and Job Placement

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Welcome Message from the Director

Greetings to all Carolinians!

I met a group of seniors slowly walking along the covered walk of the USC Downtown Campus while chatting excitedly.  I looked at them and smiled.  They smiled in return and asked me where to find the Alumni Office.  Glad to meet them, I introduced myself and walked them to my office.  They were Carolinians celebrating their 60th year as USC Alumni.

Over the years, thousands of young minds have come to the University of San Carlos in search of the transformative power of education.  USC has now fully developed the four campuses of the University and a lot of physical changes and academic growth have taken place.  In all four campuses, our students benefit from a focus on academic excellence, spiritual growth as Witness to the Word and corporate social responsibility that goes beyond the classroom setting.

The USC alumni family has approximately become more than 250,000 strong since the SVD started administering the institution in 1935; stretching around the globe and working to make the world a better place for them and for others.  They are represented by the Alumni Association Board of Directors, a group of approximately 14 representatives from colleges, academic departments including the Basic Education Department in North Campus and South Campus, 3 representatives from external chapters, under the Office of Alumni Affairs that is directly responsible to the University President and assist the university in a variety of endeavors and serve as the voice of the Carolinians.  The USC Alumni Association mission is simple:  engage all Carolinians in the life of the institution and its students, and help promote the University to the public.  Please open the USC Website and look into Alumni, USC Naming Rights and Scholarship sections to find out more.

Through this site, you will find the resources you need to make the most out of your bond with your alma mater and fellow Carolinians.  You will find information on upcoming alumni activities and events in your local area and throughout the globe.  You will also be able to update your contact information to ensure you are receiving our communication. And you could also send a gift, of any amount, through our secure giving back link. 
Your bond with USC is what you make of it.  Through this webpage, you have the tools necessary to continue your journey through life as a member of the Carolinian family.  I’m also here to help in whatever way possible.

I hope to see you on campus anytime!

Fr. Patricio R. de los Reyes Jr., SVD

About the Office

Presently the OSAAP is located in the main building of the present Downtown Campus.  It has also a satellite office especially for Scholarships matters in Talamban Campus below the Church of Sts. Arnold Janssen and Joseph Freinademetz right at the end corner next to the Campus Ministry office.
The office facilitates the implementation of academic scholarships and those sponsored by private institutions, foundations, companies, individuals as well as the University scholarships.  The office works to invite more to sponsor scholarships, especially the Alumni, both individuals and Alumni associations.
The Alumni compliments the Scholarships (and Naming Rights as a whole) and Placement in the sense that they provide the opportunities, information data, and contacts for possible Naming Rights, scholarship sponsors and job placements of our fresh graduates.

The office also facilitates job search of our graduating students through Job Fairs.  Through the office, the graduates are given the opportunity to link with employers nationally and internationally. The office works closely with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in order to provide better opportunities for job search of our graduating students.  The official Government job search engine is  All graduates are encouraged to open this site and register.  More and more companies have expressed their willingness to sponsor scholarships.

More information about the USC Alumni Association (including the Chapters), the Alumni Affairs office, Scholarships and Placement, guidelines and forms and the services they offer could be found in the Alumni and Scholarships web sections.

Mandate of the Office

Directly under the University President, the Office of Scholarships, Alumni Affairs and Job Placement is tasked to facilitate the academic scholarships as well as the scholarships sponsored by institutions, government agencies, NGOs and individual persons.  The office is to establish links with individual alumni and associations to strengthen the bond between the USC and Alumni and to encourage alumni to involve themselves with the life of the USC and encourage them as individuals and chapters to actualize their corporate social responsibility.  The Alumni Affairs Office works closely with the USC Alumni Association to implement its plans and activities.  Job Placement provides graduating students and alumni job opportunities through Job fair and linkage with Companies.

Services Offered


  1. Provide ID to new graduates and alumni
  2. Facilitates the registration of alumni
  3. Linkage with alumni (individuals and Chapters) for the updating of Alumni Database
  4. Facilitates linkage of Alumni with their college/department
  5. Collaborates with College ARC and BED Alumni Coordinators in the planning of activities of alumni batches and chapters


  1. Facilitates the establishment of scholarships by individuals and institutions
  2. Keep records/files of all scholarships under the Office
  3. Keeps record of all scholarships handled by colleges and departments
  4. Provides financial and performance reports of scholars to Scholarship sponsors

Job Placement

  1. Organizes Job Fairs
  2. Posting of Job Ads from partner companies on bulletin boards and official USC Website
  3. Facilitates the linkage between hiring partner companies and colleges and/or departments


Academic Year 2011-2012

  1. Strengthening Alumni Chapters (internal and external)
  2. Establishing new alumni chapters
  3. Solicit more scholarship sponsors especially from Carolinians

(Note: In view of the above, the office started visiting alumni chapters in April 2011)

  1. Facilitating registration of graduates with where they could submit their resume for the employers to browse.


Fr. Patricio R. de los Reyes Jr., SVD
Director, Office of Scholarships, Alumni, and Job Placement

Mrs. Fe Salva 

Mrs. Elizabeth Saldivar
Acting Coordinator for Scholarship

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