Scholarships Offered

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University-Sponsored Scholarships Academic Privileges for incoming first year college

The University of San Carlos grants scholarships to students who graduated from secondary education with graduation honors.

  • VALEDICTORIAN is granted a tuition fee discount (excluding laboratory and other school fees) under these conditions: 100% if he/she comes from a class of at least 60 students; 75% from a class between 30-59 students, and 50% from a class between 15-29 students.
  • SALUTATORIAN is granted tuition fee discount (excluding laboratory and other school fees) under these conditions: 75% if he/she comes from a class of at least 60 students; 50% from a class between 30-59 students, and 25% from a class between 15-29 students.
  • A FIRST HONORABLE MENTION student is granted a tuition fee discount (excluding laboratory and other fees) under these conditions: 50% if he/she comes from a class of at least 60 students; and 25% from a class between 30-59 students.

Privileges for honor students are given for TWO SEMESTERS ONLY, provided that the grantee obtains a general weighted average of 1.70 or better during the First Semester of his/her First Year in the University and does not shift to another curriculum.

Students with graduation honors have to apply for the scholarship privileges to which they are entitled. They must submit a duly accomplished Application Form attaching the following requirements:
  • Certification from the Principal of the secondary school where graduated stating the Graduation Honor and the number of graduates in their class;
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character.
They must comply with the following conditions:
  • Not enjoy any other scholarship privilege granted by the University;
  • Carry the normal load of their prescribed curriculum.
After two semesters, students granted the scholarship privileges because of their graduation honors, may continue to avail of their privileges if they meet the qualifications for the Dean’s Honors List. Students on the Dean’s Honors List

University through each College recognizes superior scholastic achievement through the Dean’s Honors List. To qualify, the following requirements have to be met:

  • One year of residence in USC starting the first year.
  • Currently enrolled in the same curriculum pursued in the immediately preceding semester;
  • Carry a regular load for the Semester according to the curriculum enrolled in;
  • Of good moral character and not charged of any offense and without a pending case in any court of law or any administrative body;
  • No grade of 5.0 or NC; and
  • With a General Weighted Average (GWAG) of at least 1.70.

Students who qualify for the Dean’s Honors List are entitled to receive a Certificate of Recognition during the College Recognition Day held in every succeeding semester.

The top three students with the highest GWAG in a college/department/grouping of departments will enjoy the scholarship privilege specified below:

CATEGORY           GRADE            PRIVILEGE

  • First Ranking            1.00 – 1.20        100% tuition fee
  • Second Ranking       1.21 – 1.45          75% tuition fee
  • Third Ranking          1.46 – 1.70         50% tuition fee

The top three students in a College will be considered but the minimum grade shall be required. There is no limit in the number of students to enjoy the privilege if they have the same GWAG. For instance, if in a particular College, three students obtained a GWAG of 1.20, then all three students will enjoy the 100% tuition fee discount privilege.

In the event that any one of the first three ranking students fails to qualify for the tuition fee discount privilege, the next ranking student on the Dean’s Honors List will be considered.

The GWAG shall be computed based on the Final Grades of all courses taken in the immediately preceding semester, except NSTP (ROTC, LTS and CWTS). In the case of a transferee, he/she must have at least a year of residence in USC.

Students on the Dean’s Honors List who are entitled to scholarship privileges enjoy a tuition fee discount during the immediately preceding semester. Those who have graduated are no longer entitled to the tuition fee discount privilege which is not convertible to cash nor can be claimed as refund.

Students who are disqualified in the Dean’s Honors List may still qualify for Graduation Honors based on the set criteria.

USC Varsity Teams

Athletes are granted scholarships in the form of tuition fee adjustments privilege subject to the conditions laid down by the Board of Athletics. The Varsity Teams organized in the University for men and women are the following sports:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Soccer Football
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Volleyball
USC Performing Arts Groups

Students with special talents who qualify membership in the following performing arts groups are granted tuition fee adjustment privileges subject to the conditions set by the Performing Arts Committee:

  • Band
  • Choristers
  • Dance Troupe
  • Theater Guild

Working Students Scholarship

The University through Human Resource Management Office administers a Working Student Scholarship Program (WSSP) primarily to assist deserving students who are financially unable to obtain college education.

Students accepted to WSSP shall work for four hours a day (24 hours a week) in consideration for free tuition fee and other fees and a semestral book allowance to be determined by the University Administration.

The University President’s Scholars

The University President provides scholarship for 10 slots, preferably to promising students of low socio-economic status who are enrolled in any 4 or 5 year baccalaureate curriculum.

By virtue of Presidential Decree No. 451 Section 7, the University President provides scholarships to poor but deserving students at the ratio of one for every 500 students enrolled.

Likewise, Presidential Decree No. 577 (Armed Forces of the Philippines) provides the granting of full scholarship to dependents of military personnel who died or are incapacitated while in active service. The number of grantees is at the ratio of one grantee for every 2000 students of the total enrolment.

St. Arnold Janssen Scholars – given to SVD promising seminarians.

Apart from the aforementioned scholarships the USC grants tuition fee discount privileges to children of its academic and non-academic employees as well as to students coming from the same family. USC also affords schooling privilege to academic and non-academic employees.

Alumni-Sponsored Scholarships

College department-based alumni associations, geographical alumni chapters, alumni classes or batches, alumni groups and individuals offer scholarship to promising students who will meet their required qualifications.

  • Alpha Sigma Fraternity
  • Bisca (Bisaya Circle of America)
  • CAMI (Carolinians Association of Manila, Inc.)
  • Carolinians Alumni Charitable Foundation (Toronto Carolinians)
  • Carolinians USA Midwest
  • USC BH        Class 1965
  • USC BH        Class 1948
  • USC-GHS Class 1980
Government-Sponsored Scholarships

As an autonomous higher education institution in the country and with its track record of linkages with government, the University is privileged to administer scholarship programs sponsored by the following government agencies:

  • CHED – PESFA (Private Education Student Financial Assistance)
  • Hon. Antonio V. Cuenco
  • Hon. Antonio Yapha, Jr.
  • Hon. Benhur L. Salimbangon
  • Hon. Marina Clarete
  • Hon. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz
  • Hon. Orlando A. Fua, Jr.
  • Hon. Pablo Garcia
  • Hon. Raul V. del Mar
  • CHED: NSP (National Study Program)
  • CHED: RSP (Regional Study Program)
  • CHED: SEGEAP (Selected Ethnic Group Education Assistance)
  • CHED: SFM (Scholarship Full Merit)
  • CHED: SHM (Scholarship Half Merit)
  • CHED: SLP-COE (Study Now-Pay Later – Center of Excellence)
  • CHED: SNPL (Study Now Pay Later)
  • CHED: SSGP (Senate Study Grant Program)
  • CHED: SSP (National State Scholarship Program)
  • College of Education Loan Plan of the City of Mandaue
  • CTEAP (Cebu Tertiary Education Assistance Program)
  • DOST – SEI: Applied Physics
  • DOST – SEI: RA 7687
  • GSIS (Government Service Insurance System)
  • NCIP (National Commission on Indigenous People)
  • Noli de Castro Scholarship Program
  • OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Association)
  • PGMA – HELFP (President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – Higher Education Loan Fund Program)

Other Scholarships Handled by Colleges

    - Arts and Sciences
  • CAFA Educational Loan Assistance
  •         - Architecture and Fine Arts
  • DOST Consortium
  •         - Education/SMED
  •         - Engineering
  •         - Commerce
Private Institution-Sponsored Scholarships

The strong partnership s of the University with business and industry, professional associations, religious groups and individuals, privately-run corporations and establishments have come to offer scholarship grants for philanthropic and humanitarian purposes. These private institutions vary in their scholarship requirements and conditions.

Private – Sponsored Scholarships – Institution

  • Aboitiz College Scholarship
  • Ateneo de Zamboanga
  • Bogo Medellin Milling, Co., Inc. (BOMEDCO)
  • Compassion in Jesus’ Name
  • Doña Modesta S. Gaisano Foundation, Inc.
  • Eastern Visayas State University
  • Edgar Cokaliong Foundation, Inc.
  • Fairchild
  • First Consolidated Bank (FCB)
  • Golden Valley and Golden Prince Scholarship
  • IMAD
  • Jesus V. Del Rosario/Emcor Foundation(JVER)
  • Lear
  • Lexmark (Research and Development Corp)
  • Menzi Trust Fund
  • Metrobank Foundation, Inc.
  • Mindanao State University Tawi-Tawi
  • Muñasque – Perez Foundation
  • Nature’s Legacy
  • NEC Foundation
  • PHINMA Foundation
  • PJ Lhuillier
  • Rosie Chew Scholarship/CARD Foundation
  • SM Foundation
  • St. Peter Academy of Alegria Foundation, Inc. (SPAAFI)
  • Sun Life Financial- Philippines Foundation, Inc.
  • Tamiya Scholarship Grant
  • USC Credit Cooperative
  • Western Mindanao State University
  • Willy N. Gan Foundation, Inc.

Private – Sponsored Scholarships – Personal

  • Claude M. Wilson Program
  • Dr. John Brulé
  • Engr. Eduardo C. Goyeneche
  • Floyd O. Hicks
  • Fr. Gerhard Huth, SVD & Dr. Josef Schex
  • Fr. Henry Schumacher, SVD
  • Goipeng
  • Co Tiong Co King Ting
  • In March 23, 1984 an industrial accident claimed the life of Mariano Zilio. Having found healing from their loss through SVD friends, his parents gratefully offer this scholarship in Religious Education at the University of San Carlos. This particular contribution to the mission apostolate is named the Giselda Pedron Memorial Scholarship after Mariano’s grandmother.
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