Guide to Sponsoring Scholarhip

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The Vision:

We envision forming wholly integrated, intelligent, skilled and highly employable and productive persons for the country and for the global community.  It is our desire that the financial help the University of San Carlos extends to the students may help them achieve their goals.

The Beneficiaries:

We aim at helping academically deserving students who belong to financially challenged families.

The Partners:

These are Individuals, Groups, Associations, Charitable Agencies, Business Institutions, and Foundations wanting to share their resources.

The Way to become a Sponsor

  • Sponsoring as
    • an Individual Person
    • a Group/family/Association/Community
    • an Institution/Foundation/Agency
  • Contact the USC Alumni Affairs and Scholarships Office to present your plans of sponsoring deserving students for scholarships and we will discuss with you all the details of the process involved and the requirements.
  • A copy of a Typical Memorandum of Agreement for Scholarship Grant Sponsorship of the University of San Carlos is enclosed.  You may use this already or as a reference to propose the kind of Scholarship you want.  You may propose other provisions not in the Agreement.
  • The different systems of sponsoring a scholarship:
    • A Sponsor may pay everything as billed, excluding board and lodging and other personal expenses.
    • A Sponsor may pay the tuition fees including a certain amount for monthly allowance to be disbursed by the Scholarships office depending on the Sponsor’s wishes.
    • A Sponsor may pay a certain amount of the tuition fees only, like the government scholarship that pays only P4,500.00 for tuition and gives a monthly allowance of P2,000.00.
    • A Sponsor may pay for everything including board and lodging and monthly allowance.  Depending on the wishes of the Sponsor, this can either be administered by the Sponsor or the Scholarships Office.

All this will be stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

  • Contributing to the General Scholarship Funds

The General Scholarship Funds are small or big monetary donations, put together for scholarship sponsorship recommended by the University and for financial aid to augment other needs of scholars.  This is an interest-bearing fund.  The interest is used for the above-mentioned purposes.  Anyone may donate for this purpose and may contribute any amount once or on a regular basis, e.g. monthly.

  • Selection Process:
    • There are Sponsors that make the final interview or final selection of their student-scholars.
    • There are Sponsors who leave the final selection to the Scholarships Office.
    • There are Sponsors who give detailed instructions about how their Scholarship should be handled.
    • There are Sponsors that give their preference as to the courses of students they sponsor.  There are those that allow students with various courses.
  • Billing Process:
    • There are Sponsors that deposit an amount (e.g., P1,000.000.00) at our Finance Office with special instruction for the amount to be an interest-bearing fund, using only the interest for payment of bills.
    • There are Sponsors that pay only after billing has been done by the Scholarships Office.
  • Sending Funds for Scholarships (General Scholarship Fund and Others)

Contact Person:  Tess Gujilde (Treasurer)
Account Name: University of San Carlos
1.  BPI
Peso Account: 
Account Number: 9121003985
US$ Account:
Account Number: 1304000569

2. China Banking Corporation, Magallanes Branch

Swiftcode: CHBKPHMM
Peso Account:
Account Number: 171-04981-1-8
US$ Account:
Account Number: 171-700001-7

Every Sponsor may have different wishes as to the form of their Scholarship and we see to it that their wishes are served.  As much as possible, we cater to the needs of every Sponsor.

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